Why Join SkyWater?

Our recruiters recorded their stories just for you.

As a recruiter considering a change, you have a few unique concerns about joining a new firm because of the nature of your role. At SkyWater, we take special care to help our recruiters:

  • Aggressively work on searches, even with a non-compete in place from your former employer.
  • Increase your ability to work retained searches.
  • Feel comfortable referring searches to your colleagues.
  • Strike a balance between work and life with unlimited PTO and in-office flexibility.

At SkyWater, we also provide:

  • Marketing support - Our in-house digital marketing team provides you with assets & campaigns to help build your brand as an executive recruiter, amplify your opportunities, and stand out in your field.
  • LinkedIn Recruiter - Each recruiter at SkyWater is granted a license to LinkedIn Recruiter and other related technology tools to help you work efficiently.
  • Training - SkyWater provides structured onboarding during your first several months with our firm. Whether you're new to recruiting or already established in the field, everyone benefits from our monthly peer-led training sessions where recruiters share tips and best practices with everyone.

Allie Bornstein

Senior Associate - HR

Lauren Swartout

Group Director - Legal

Andrea Anderson

Group Director - HR




Zac Kallas

Group Director - Information Technology


Josh Schneider

Sr. Group Director - Finance & Accounting

Ben David

Associate - Construction

Corey Fitzgerald

Group Director - Engineering & Operation





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